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Skillcrush defines remote work as “the growing trend of employees who don’t walk into a traditional office each weekday morning, instead opting to work remotely part- or full-time from home, abroad, or a well-designed co-working space in the name of flexibility, technological progress, and productivity.”







Distributed Team

A job by any other name…

Mature companies tend to call it “telecommuting.”  Some companies offer partial remote work, also known as “flex” work, although flex can also mean flexible hours, i.e. not a set 9-5 schedule.  Some companies do not advertise remote work, instead offering it as a perk to employees after a set amount of time. Other comapnies operate as a distributed team, with no central office.

Whatever flavor you’re interested in, Remoter.tech is here to help promote remote tech jobs, and those seeking such jobs, in the US.

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