How Can Remote Work Help Your Business?

Tech companies across the nation are struggling to meet hiring goals. From catered lunches to unlimeted vacation days, companies are coming up with innovative ways to attract and keep tech talent.  Remote or flex work options are one of the benefits most desired by potential employees. Employee turnover is expensive, especially for specialized work. 

Remote workers are happier, healthier, and more productive.

The face of remote work isn’t a millenial working via laptop from a beach in Ibiza. According to an article in the New York Times, the typical remote worker is a 49 year old college graduate. Employees increasingly need more flexibility to care for family, manage medical needs, live in an affordable area without having to commit to soul-crushingly long and unhealthy commutes, and find a healthy work-life balance. These factors are particularily important for women working in tech, or those women interested in transitioning into the tech sector.

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Remote work makes good business sense.

Why is Remote Work Important?

As a business, you are already depending on key remote staff – accountants, attorneys, marketing, etc. As businesses struggle to fill tech and tech-adjacent jobs, restructuring relevant positions to a remote or flex work model increases the number of qualified applicants and potentially attracts high value employees looking for flexible work opportunities.



Less office space to pay for and maintain


Increased productivity


Decreased employee poaching by other companies


easier to work through issues like weather and travel advisories without service disruption to clients


Decrease in commuting - benefical to employee health as well as the environment


  • Remote work grew 79% between 2005-2012
  • 51% of workers want more flexible options – Mercer 2018 study
  • Employee turnover can cost over 30% of worker’s annual salary

Bottom line- businesses can benefit from hiring remote or flexible technology staff.

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