About Remoter

Our goal is to increase access to remote and flex work for diverse tech talent in Omaha and the surrounding rural areas.

The path to remote work is different for everyone.


I have previously lived and worked in two great tech hubs – Brooklyn and Seattle. While not actually working in tech. The irony. After moving to rural Nebraska, my job options involved a substantial commute – on average 3 hours round trip to Omaha via car with no public transportation in sight.

Things had to change. I went back to school, taking as many credits online as possible.  I’m on my way to graduating with a computer science degree, and have started a career in tech, working remotely most days.  The job market is narrow in the Midwest for remote work. Work styles are still structured around a very traditional 9-5, “in your office” ethos.  Yet companies struggle to find qualified tech employees.


Let’s bridge that gap.

Remoter exists to help increase awareness of the value of remote work in the tech industry, as well as a resource for diverse tech talent – particularly for underrepresented groups like women in tech and those women seeking to enter the tech sectoras I have.

April Goettle,  Remoter.tech Founder

Remoter was created to provide information and resources to increase remote work options in the Midwest.


Diversity in the tech sector is important for workers, businesses, and our country as a whole. Learn more about working remotely on our Resources for Remoters page.

Remote work makes good business sense.

Why is Remote Work Important?

As a business, you already depend on key remote staff – from accountants and attorneys to printers and marketing specialists. As businesses struggle to fill tech and tech-adjacent jobs, restructuring relevant positions to a remote or flex work model will increase the number of qualified applicants and potentially attracts high-value employees looking for flexible work opportunities.



Less office space to pay for and maintain


Increased productivity


Decreased employee turnover


weather and travel advisories will not disrupt service to clients


Decrease in commuting - beneficial to employee health and the environment


  • Remote work grew 79% between 2005-2012 – Global Workplace Analytics
  • 51% of workers want more flexible options – Mercer 2018 study
  • Employee turnover can cost over 30% of worker’s annual salary – Work Institute

Bottom line – businesses can benefit from hiring remote or flexible technology staff.

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