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Great work can happen anywhere.

Tech Talent. Remotely.

Tech skills are in demand.  For skilled employees looking for work-life balance or less commuting, tech companies seeking to fill full-time positions, and small companies looking for tech assistance on a freelance or project basis, remote work is the answer.

Why Work Remote?

Even a short commute is too long.

In a post-apolcalyptic scenario, you COULD get across Omaha in 29 minutes. Why you’d still be worried about commuting to work, I’m not sure, but we all know that even in the best conditions commuting takes up a large part of your day. Your commute time is unpaid and bad for your health, the environment, and Farrah Pawcett, the hairless cat you have to leave at home Monday through Friday.

Work-life balance is key to maintaining a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with your job. Technology allows us to work as distributed teams across the globe. We just need to invest the time into changing attitudes about remote work and putting new systems into place.

Why Hire Remote?

Tech jobs are difficult and time-consuming to fill. Gimmicky perks are not the answer.

Look at any tech job board or website and the data says the same thing – tech workers want remote or flexible job options. Not free soda fountains. Not Mustache Mondays. Certainly not open office concepts.

Turnover is one of the biggest costs a business can face- more than 30% of a workers yearly salary by some estimates. According to CompTIA, there are 700,000 unfilled IT positions in the US. It currently takes, on average, three to six months to fill a Cybersecurity position.

Hire the right people, give them the perks they need, and keep them around longer.


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